Congratulations! You've found a free, easy, meaningful way to comply with Radiology Maintenance of Certification practice quality improvement!



How do I complete a project?

  1. Review the Project Options to make sure you can do one of the projects in your practice.
  2. Create a username/password and enter the requested data in My Reports.
  3. When you complete the project, save a copy of your data and attest to completing the project in your ABR Personal Database.
  4. Tell Cat thanks for making your life easier! 


Who does this site help?

  • This site is for Radiologists undergoing Maintenance of Certification (MOC) by the American Board of Radiology (ABR).


How will this site help?

  • We provide free, easy projects that help you complete and document compliance with MOC Part IV, Practice Quality Improvement (PQI) requirements.
  • Our projects: 
    • Are easy to document -- Drop down menus to the rescue!
    • Are applicable to most radiology practices
    • Provide step-by-step instructions
    • Contain suggested successful solutions to common problems
    • Help you make a positive change in your work environment
    • Are certified by the American Board of Radiology


Why is this important?

  • You need to complete a project every year if you want the CMS-PQRS rebate.
  • You need to complete a project every three years if you want to comply with MOC.
  • You need to keep documentation to prove you've completed projects, in case you are audited.


What if I am audited by the American Board of Radiology?

  • No need to worry! When you complete one of our ABR-approved society-sponsored projects, you can print and save a report that confirms your compliance.
  • We've done the write-up for you and ABR certification confirms that they think the project is acceptable for credit. 
  • Don't forget to attest to completing each project in your ABR Personal Database though!