Clerkship or Elective Director


Clerkship directors and elective directors are responsible for managing rotating students and overseeing faculty involved with teaching students.


Recruit and engage the faculty to carry out the educational objectives of the clerkship or elective
Clearly communicate the curricular goals to students and faculty Communication Skills
Improve the teaching feedback and assessment skills of the faculty Giving Effective Feedback
Act as a role model of professionalism Professionalism
Effectively provide feedback to faculty and students Giving Effective Feedback
Demonstrate expertise in evaluation and grading procedures for both formative and summative assessment based on criteria based competencies   
Student Assessment
Apply knowledge of school procedures and standards for student promotions Refer to your local policies & procedures
Initiate remediation procedures for students who do not meet competency requirements Remediation and the Difficult Learner
Continuously assess teaching methodology with a commitment to continuous improvement in teaching technique Instructional Methodology 
Incorporate new educational techniques based upon evolving educational theory Instructional Methodology