Program Evaluation


Key Points:

  • Program evaluation is a systematic method
  • There is no reason to collect and analyze information if the results are not going to be used to make changes.
    • Be mindful of creating and sustaining an effective feedback loop
  • Program evaluation can help to determine the value, effectiveness and impact of educational programs and identify program areas for improvement, replacement or further development
  • Formative evaluation, also known as process evaluation provides information on how well an individual or program is progressing toward a goal. This information is then "fed back" to improve/enhance progress and can allow for just in time corrections
  • Summative evaluation is used to determine if pre-defined outcomes have been met. This information is often used to make a "final decision".



  • Include evaluation processes in the initial design of any program


Recommended Resources: 

Brief Review


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Enhancing Program Performance with Logic Models. UW Extension. This free online course provides a holistic approach to planning and evaluating education and outreach programs. It helps program practitioners use and apply logic models - a framework and way of thinking to help us improve our work and be accountable for results. You will learn what a logic model is and how to use one for planning, implementation, evaluation or communicating about your program.


In-Depth Review


Program Evaluation. UC Irvine OCW. 3 hours.

Case Studies in Program Monitoring & Evaluation. Vanderbilt University. 1 hour and 14 minutes.


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LCME Standards

ED-46: A medical school must collect and use a variety of outcome data, including national norms of accomplishment, to demonstrate the extent to which its educational program objectives are being met.

ED-47: In assessing program quality, schools must consider student evaluations of their courses and teachers, as well as a variety of other measures.